About Wörms of Prey

Wörms of Prey is the new and free real-time Worms game for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows similar to Liero, Liero AI, Liero Extreme, Yet Another Liero Clone, NiL, and Wurmz!


  • Multi-player with one player per computer
  • Completely new graphics
  • Low bandwidth usage
  • Different game modes (death match, team play)
  • Ropes can be attached to any object
  • Rope can be released
  • Any number of ropes
  • Multiple moving goals
  • Free Linux, Windows and MacOS version under GPL license

User Feedback/Reviews:

  • Really fun! Some friends and I get together on the weekends and play about 5 hours of LAN games. Sometimes we are not sure what to play or want a little something ‘different’ for a while. I suggested we give this game a try (played single player, isn’t that fun) and what I expected to be 30 min of fun turned into 4 hours! I only quit because it was 3am and I was seeing mirrored dual monitors by then.
    This game is great 1v1 but gets even better with large numbers (had like 8 at one time). The sad part was I used Linux and my friends use Windows, so I had to borrow a Windows computer to play with them, GLAD that is fixed now!
    Keep up the good work! this is a game I would actually consider looking at the source to help out if I had time. [anonymous posting onLinuxGames.com]
  • Programming heroes Uwe Fabricius, Christoph Freundl, and Thomas Pohl have recently released the Mac OS X version of their Worms-inspired arcade game Wörms Of Prey. […] Wänt tö höp ïntö thë äctiön? Gräb thë fïlës fröm thë lïnks bëlöw änd fräg äwäy. [review by Jean-Luc Dinsdale on Inside Mac Games]
  • Hey, just wanted to send an email to say that I love the Wörms of Prey game, it’s incredibly funny and simple, and works for the most part over our mac network at work. [eMail from Billy W.]